Friday Fry Up: Angelo Bonetti — he grew up in the fog


This project examines my experience, where sadness, shame, anxiety, excitement, nostalgia, over the years have created in me a sense of constant loss, without a precise meaning. I immersed myself in the depths of these sensations, staying there for a long time and making them emerge slowly, trying to find them, exorcise them and take them away if nothing else. I reworked and took everything in a new direction, transformed and accepted them. The images form a document of research and discovery, thus creating a personal manual to guide me and continue, the past and the future are put on the same level giving life to a form of continuous present.

Angelo Bonetti (1976, Turin, Italy) is a visual artist who works with photography, mainly a self-taught photographer who over the years has pursued and developed his own language. Bonetti creates works that generate different meanings, he is mainly attracted to document and translate everything with his narrative vision, associations and meanings come into conflict. Space becomes time and language becomes image. His works have a strong vision in the approach to life and its everyday life, questioning the conditions of appearance of images, representations and ideas, in the context of the contemporary visual culture in which they normally work. He uses 35mm film and digital without distinction.


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