Sun Studios: This Time It’s Personal — Ten years and 100 photographers


Sun Studio’s annual exhibition This Time It’s Personal opens this Thursday (28 November until 15 December) at the SUNSTUDIOS Sydney Atrium Gallery in Alexandria. This year’s exhibition showcases the personal work of 100 Australian photographers with all print sale proceeds donated to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse in support of cancer research and treatment.

For the first time prints will also be available to purchase online for the duration of the exhibition via the SUNSTUDIOS website.

Creative director and producer Rachel Knepfer returns for a third year as curator.

“If you look at the bravest, most esteemed commercial photographers through history, most of them have built those careers on a foundation of pursuit of their own projects,” said Knepfer.

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  1. 1. RomelloPereira
  2. 2. Derek Henderson
  3. 3. David Maurice Smith
  4. 4. Paul Blackmore
  5. 5. Georges Antoni
  6. 6. Derek Swalwell
  7. 7. Adrian Price
  8. 8. Alana Holmberg
  9. 9. John Feely
  10. 10. Chris Morris
  11. 11. James Tolich
  12. 12. Matt Abbott