Friday Fry Up: Shawn Records — Now is the Time


Now is the Time is a project that explores time in relation to both age and place. Over the past few years, anxious and obsessive over the news, as well as my own mid-life malaise, I found myself retreating more and more, escaping for long weekends to a handful of sleepy towns and quiet forests along the Oregon coast.

There’s a lot going on in places where nothing seems to happen. Occasional interruptions command our attention- fleeting and sporadic ruptures of both glory and tragedy, but you just never know when they’re coming. They’re always a surprise.

Now is the Time is an intricate book-length sequence of mostly quiet, sometimes ominous, observations, orchestrated around seasonal shifts and intermittent ruptures. Fixated on the eternal, or maybe just the eventual, within the everyday, It’s about our desire to get away from it all, and our inability to ever really do so.

bio: Based in Portland, Oregon, Shawn Records has spent the past sixteen years juggling family life with art and assignment work and teaching photography at a handful of local colleges. He’s shown widely, including two solo exhibitions at Blue Sky Gallery; group exhibitions at Format19, The Museum of Contemporary Photography, the Houston Center for Photography, and many others. Editorial clients have included The New York Times Magazine, Vice, LeMonde’s M, Travel & Leisure, and many others. When he’s not doing photography or teaching photography, he’s probably walking his dogs, looking up news bloopers, or perfecting his jump shot in the driveway.

To see more of Shawn Reords’ work visit — Website / Instagram.