Noah Thompson: Huon (Pool Grant Winner)


Congratulations Noah Thompson for taking out this years Pool grant with his project, HUON. It was a pleasure spending time with this work and we were thrilled to have been a part of the selection process. Looking forward to seeing this project come to life.

HUON is inspired by the conflict between conservation and development in Tasmania, Australia. Recurring over the past century and intensifying from the 1970s, the opposition and support of hydroelectric dams, mining operations and the logging of old growth forests have shaped the island state’s politics, society and families, played out amongst the grand landscapes of Tasmania. It is a place where the schism of environmental concern and capitalist-driven industrial venture has seen violence, threats, vandalism, corruption, conspiracy theories and dissension. Some 35 years after its vandalism, the Lea Tree remains, as do the tensions that continue to avail the community.