Same Paper: Closing Ceremony — Issue 02


Shanghai’s Same Paper launch their second issue of Closing Ceremony Magazine, this time giving it’s pages to the theme Americano. In this issue, Instead of taking American Photographic History as their editing orientation, Same Paper continue to approach this subject in a more playful manner, and present the observation of contemporary America and American Photography in a relatively relaxing context. Centering on ‘American Spirit’, they invited more than 10 U.S. based photographers, expanding this issue into topics such as gender, politics, class, and consumption. By reconstructing and visualizing the minor details of daily life, these photographers create a new order, in which what is real and what is fiction can be hard to distinguish.

CLOSING CEREMONY Magazine 02 features 10 contributing photographers: Buck Ellison, Charlie Engman, Chris Maggio, Eva O’Leary, Gregory Halpern, Matthew Connors, Peter Sutherland, Pixy Liao, Sophie Tianxin Chen, Torbjørn Rødland, along with an essay written by Joël Vacheron, articles written by Robin Peckham and Peng Ke.

CLOSING CEREMONY Magazine 02 is:

202 pages
16 pages booklet of Chinese (Simplified) Translation for China mainland only
210 x 275 x 14 mm
Four-color Printing
Spot Color Printing + Embossing for cover
Summer, 2019

Special Edition Cover Photo
Torbjørn Rødland, High Heel, David Kordansky Gallery, Los Angeles

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