Friday Fry Up: Kelvin Bugler — Discord


The Dead Sea is shrinking rapidly due to numerous factors including climate change and shifting population which have impacted natural watersheds; large salt deposits in the ground have disappeared causing the earth to sink and beaches to be cordoned off. A separation wall between Israel and Palestine grows longer each day and with it less chance of a peaceful solution. It is one of the worlds most controversial conflicts to date. This exposé explores the relationship between the environment and urban spaces if a region in crisis. ‘Discord’ will be exhibited early next year in Berlin.

Bio: Australian photographer, Kelvin Bugler was originally born in South Africa and has been living and working in Berlin since 2016. Kelvin graduated in 2010 from Griffith University with a Bachelor in Film and Screen Media. The shift from screen to still photography was a natural consequence of his numerous solo travels. His body of work focuses on documenting life through street photography and capturing stories as he moves from country to country. To see more Kelvin Bugler’s work please visit — Website / Instagram.