Friday Fry Up: Landon Speers — Wild Rose


Landon brings his visual and musical practices together with the release of Wild Rose, a book of original photography with an accompanying album of ambient compositions. The collection encapsulates moments of stillness through vignettes of natural elements both rural and urban.

Exploring beauty in states of growth and decay, the landscapes of Wild Rose are captured with an approach akin to portraiture. Time is the hidden subject emerging from geological formations and inhabited spaces, momentarily absent of humans. An intimate sense of life long lived in these environments lies beneath the surface of every image with a spectral glow. Focused on nature’s simple gestures even in the least likely of places, Wild Rose suggests a new relationship with our surroundings and an appreciation for our world’s infinite details.

Speers wrote and recorded much of the musical score throughout the travels that produced the project’s imagery, welcoming detuned pianos and other found instruments into the process. His simultaneous escape from, and journey into, everyday life welcomes us along a path of respite from the mundane, while offering a glimpse into its splendor.

80 Pages, Softcover embossed, perfect bound, 10×10 inches — First edition, October 2018, Edition of 150. Purchase Wild Rose here.

Landon Speers grew up in the prairies of Western Canada, but is currently based in Brooklyn. When not taking photos he likes to be near water, drink seltzer and release music you can find here.