Friday Fry Up: Saskia Wilson — The Last Resort


‘The Last Resort’ is an exhibition of photographs taken in Greece over 2016 and 2017 reflecting on the polarity in human experience in a country which is simultaneously a global tourism hotspot and a nexus of the European refugee crisis. These experiences are antonymous, one embodying ultimate suffering, the other ultimate privilege, and they now intersect in Greece, at times side by side. The Last Resort seeks to unveil the arbitrary privilege of some, juxtaposed with the unconscionable repression of others.

‘The Last Resort’ is open now at Comber Street Studios, 5 Comber street, Paddington. (Sydney, Australia).

All profits of print sales will be donated to Refugee Support Europe ( and RISE: Refugees, Survivors and Ex-Detainees (

Saskia Wilson is a Sydney based photographer and educator working across documentary, fine arts and commercial based practices. From 2015- 2016 she took over the role of CEO for not for profit social enterprise Flashpoint Labs and has since continued to facilitate and teach photography workshops to communities from diverse backgrounds. Saskia is interested in social justice, youth development, education and environmental awareness and is constantly looking for avenues where she can integrate her skills in photography, media and visual communication with a strong desire to influence change in society’s relationship with the environment and with each other.

To see more of Saskia Wilson’s work visit — Website / Instagram.