Friday fry Up: Fred Lahache — Looking for Hamza


Hamza and I grew up together. We were kids, then teens, and we’re still in touch. I remember the stories he would tell me after each summer in Morocco with his family, that time of the year we could not be together for a while. So when I first visited Morocco recently, I couldn’t help trying to depict those stories, and imagine him by my side. This is the diary of the trip we never had.

Fred Lahache is based in Paris, France. His work consists of observations, landscapes, portraits, in narratives that tell stories in reportage and contemporary forms. He has exhibited work at Galerie Madé in 2013 and Galerie Honoré-Visconti in 2016. Besides commissions Fred also contributes to Le Monde, Monocle, Record Magazine, Brownbook magazine as well as other editorials.

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