The Reservoir: Issue 2


Issue 2 of The Reservoir landed last week and is now ready for your perusal. Find your way to for a new collection of conversations and essays on the politics of image-making. See below for a run through the new issue.

You are reading the opening line of The Reservoir’s inaugural ‘Opening Lines’, a recurring introductory paragraph to start each issue. As with our first, our second issue features seven meaningful conversations and one essay on the politics of image-making. In this issue, Ilona Szwarc tells Ashley McNelis about moving to the States as a Polish teenager and how her experience as the “other” has shaped her approach to creating work about the construction of female identity. Caiti Borruso and Michael J. Dalton II talk about their shared native state, New Jersey. Stanley Woluka-Wanambwa revisits Ruinous Silences, his essay for Jason Koxvold’s book Knives. Jason talks to Shane Rocheleau about photographing angry, disempowered American men. Ben Huff and Karolina Karlic search for truths between myth and reality within their work that depicts foreign places, like Alaska, which Patrice Helmar happens to call home—the complex subject of her conversation with Widline Cadet. Lissa Rivera speaks with her gender-queer muse and partner, BJ Lillis, in 2016 and then again in 2018 about how their ongoing work together has transformed the ways in which they view gender and their own identities. Lastly, Richard Anderson talks to Romke Hoogwaerts about photographing modernity.

The Reservoir is a new joint project between The Ones We Love, Mossless and The Heavy Collective, bringing together independent writers, photographers and publishers from around the world to talk about photography and the current sociopolitical climate. New conversations are published every season. Contributions are welcomed. Find us at and on instagram @thereservoirquarterly

1. Ilona Szwarc, An American in America, 2014

2. Ilona Szwarc, Lariat, Gruver, Texas, 2012

3. Richard Anderson, Angel’s Tire Shop, 2016

4. Richard Anderson, Back of the Yards, 2016, from the series City of the Century

5. Richard Anderson, Salt Hut, 2016, from the series City of the Century

6. Shane Rocheleau, Untitled, 2017

7. Shane Rocheleau, Site of the Death of Edward Jones, 2014 from YAMOTFABAATA

8. Jason Koxvold, Leonard Distel, Wawarsing, NY, 2016, Knives

9. Jason Koxvold, Untitled, Napanoch, NY, 2017, Knives

10. Widline Cadet, V. in Pool, 2016

11. Widline Cadet, Self Portrait in R.’s House, 2016

12. Caiti Borruso, The Pit, 2015 (Whale Creek)

13. Caiti Borruso, Mom’s Chair, 2015 (Whale Creek)

14. Michael J. Dalton II, Family Hanging out at a 7-11, 2014

15. Michael J. Dalton II, 20xx, 2014

16. Ben Huff, Target with T-shirt, 2018

17. Ben Huff, Mile 318: Boulder and Broken Rail, 2012, from The Last Road North

18. Lissa Rivera, Aloha Motel, Palm Springs, 2017, from the series Beautiful Boy. Courtesy of the artist and ClampArt, New York

19. Lissa Rivera, Pink Bedroom (for Priscilla), 2017, Beautiful Boy. Courtesy of the artist and ClampArt, New York

20. Karolina Karlic (from top), Sisters Ivna and Ingrid Souza playing with cousin Monick Farias in the family backyard with squash plants in the foreground at company housing complex Vila 4

21. Patrice Helmar, Aurora Harbor, 2015

22. Patrice Helmar, Nellie at the Arctic, 2016