Friday Fry Up: Bradley Marshall



‘Hearing Through Walls’ is an exploration into American masculinity, lost youth, and domesticity. The work takes the form of a fragmented and subjective narrative, where an intentionally flawed male viewpoint is constructed and developed, and hopefully subverted. Working with and against the tropes and stereotypes of the male coming of age narrative, I attempt to better represent my own conflicted feelings within these themes, as I acknowledge my own inclusion within this tumultuous narrative.

The places in this work are a mix of deeply personal and unfamiliar. The people are represented by childhood friends and mere acquaintances, often photographed together. This blending of the old and new is an attempt to reconcile the retracing of my autobiography and a startling confrontation with the problems of a contemporary male coming of age.

Bradley Marshall (b. 1988) is an artist working in photography and video. Originally from Nashville, TN, he is a 2018 MFA candidate at East Tennessee State University. To see more of Bradley Marshall’s work visit — Website / Instagram.