Friday Fry Up: Chelsee Ivan


Chelsee Ivan — “and I See the Sun”

I See the Sun is an examination of a constant search for calm in a body invariably buzzing with anxiety. Chelsee Ivan hopes for moments that force her to recalibrate, that knock her out of her head and back into her body. The resulting work is diaristic in that her antenna is always aware and looking for moments that are both calming and spectacular, even when she is existing entirely in her head. Chelsee strives to bring out the same sense of calm in her subjects that she searches for in her daily life. The subjects are framed in an environment that is both aesthetically pleasing and extends the mood of the subject. A sense of isolation and loneliness is compounded by the scale of space – whether it be a car wash or the expanse of nature. The resulting images, though subject matter varies and the photographer herself never physically appears in the frame, are a series of intimate self portraits.

To see more of Chelsee Ivan’s work visit — / Instagram.