Friday Fry Up: Ali Bosworth


Ali Bosworth — No Map Is An Island

These photos were taken while returning to a small island that I lived on for a time as a child.  When I returned as an adult, I bought a map of the island that had been created entirely through field research, something that is surprisingly uncommon.  The map couldn’t have been more accurate: the footpaths throughout the island had been walked, each of the more than 100 churches visited, and the shoreline circumnavigated with every beach marked.  Using that map made the island even more of a wonderful place, hinting at everything one might find while there, but after the fact it does little to evoke the place as a whole. These photographs might record my time on the island in a similarly incomplete way.

Ali Bosworth, b. 1984, lives and works in Victoria, Toronto CA. To see more Ali’s work visit — Website / Instagram.