Nicholas Mehedin: Remnants — ICP


In ‘Remnants’, Nicholas Mehedin returns to his hometown in rural New York in search of a deeper understanding of himself. Through photography as a medium and method, he communicates his inner conflictions with identity, family, and the future. The images challenge the idyllic perception of upstate New York to reveal a seemingly uncanny and futile existence. The region is often romanticized for country living, but is largely tainted by regressed ideologies. It’s an area defined by patriarchy, patriotism, and traditional American values. The artist returns in opposition to the ideals and culture of his past and family—but this will always be his home. Mehedin considers himself a familiar outsider, concerned for the future.

‘Remnants’ is on show now at ICP as part of their projected series and runs February 6th-12th. Head to — for more information.

Nicholas Mehedin (American, b.1993) is a photographer from Lumberland, New York. He earned a BFA in photography from SUNY New Paltz in 2015. Since graduation, he’s worked as a freelance assistant for photographers including Noah Kalina, Vincent Dixon, and Virginia Sherwood. For more of Nick’s work visit —