Friday Fry Up: Kate Truisi


‘The Reality of Existence’ is an accumulation of work I made intermittently over the past five years. At the time, most of the images were made singularly without a larger narrative. It wasn’t until reexamining them did I realize that throughout this period the work I created held a common theme. During this transitory time in my life I was thinking about the impermanence of humans and what we leave behind. What was created is a series that deals with the fragility of our species and the human condition. I was drawn to scenes that feel absurd but are not intended to be and become a mundane part of everyday life. These portraits and deserted landscapes draw our attention to the inevitable effects of time and natural cycles. — Kate Truisi

Kate Truisi (b. 1991 New York) is a visual artist and photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. To see more of her work visit — Website / Instagram.