Dave Carswell: Dancing in the Shadows


Australian photographer Dave Carswell is launching his first monograph ‘Dancing in the Shadows’ in Melbourne on the 11th of January 2018. The book is a photographic journey into DIY and make shift basket ball culture in the Philippines covering urban and provincial spaces within the archipelago. “I was initially drawn to the physical structure of the hoop and the pragmatism of the Filipino people in the creation of basketball apparatus.” Says Carswell who shot the series over two years.

Basketball remains one of the most significant hangovers from the country’s colonial past and an omnipresent visual reminder of the nation’s strong contemporary identify. Whilst the construction of the basketball court remains a captivating subject, Carswell believes that the court is also a hallmark of resistance by everyday Filipinos in the battle for public space; “ The Philippines is being urbanised at an alarming rate with a handful of wealthy families and oligarchs staking claim on public space. Gated communities, mega shopping malls and even park spaces are largely privately owned with restricted access and monitored behavior. The local basketball court stands as a staunch counterpoint to the privatisation of the land and remains firmly in the hands of the everyday Filipino, even if it’s very existence can be fleeting and constantly under threat.”

Book Launch and Exhibition; Spare Store , 368 Smith St, Collingwood. Thursday 11th of January 2018, 6 – 9pm. For more information head to — davecarswell.com