Q&A: Lindsay Metivier


Have you recently been living by any life philosophy? Failing to plan is planning to fail. What will baffle future generations about our day and age? Edible Arrangements and/or our current president. Are you aware of any conspiracies? So many. What is it that interests you about photography? Photography gives significance to the apparently meaningless, the banal, the unknown, the weird and the uncanny. What is the worst thing about city life? When there are multiple events that you want to go to happening on the same night. What part of the planet would you like to explore? All parts in and outside of this planet. What do you think is the most plausible of the supernatural? Everything I’ve seen on The X-Files. Pick a field of science to be an expert within. Forensics. What moment have you most wished you’d had a camera when you hadn’t? When I was little my grandmother (who was by definition a hoarder) had a litter of farm kittens lost among the mountains of clothing and objects in her house. My twin sister and I could hear meowing and had to climb around trying to find them. Some piles were so high that our heads were inches from the ceiling. I wish I had a photograph or five of this experience. Choose a job you would be willing to do for free on the side. Food Critic. Describe the most important photo you’ve seen. Not to spend this whole interview talking about my grandmother but one of the most important photo albums I’ve ever seen is the one she had full of 4×6 drug store prints of photographs she took of our dead relatives in caskets at their wakes. The last page was an image of my dad. How often do you take other people’s advice? Not often enough. Describe a personal hell. That feeling when you realize that the pebble you thought was in your boot, also wasn’t in your sock but is actually inside of your tights. Also internet dating.

Which living person do you most admire? Any person who can watch just one episode of a TV show and feel satisfied. On what occasion do you lie? Only in interviews. Just kidding. What was the last crime you witnessed? Someone driving straight in a turn-only lane in Burlington, Vermont. What is the best way to educate yourself? Leave your bed. What is the next book you want to read? The End of the Story by Lydia Davis. Ultimate camera?  Phase One. Most used camera? As much as I want to say my Ebony 4×5 or Mamiya 7II.. A Nikon D850 and an iPhone. What object do you want? A house in the woods and also one in a city. What object do you need? AA batteries. How would you explain the internet to someone from the 1950’s? I have no idea (magic). Are you satisfied with your level of physical strength? Insofar as I can carry around multiple cameras a tripod and a coffee for a while without needing to sit down. Sure. Describe a cheap thrill. Horror movies and/or that feeling when you’re a couple of minutes late to your car but haven’t gotten a parking ticket. Pick a historic moment from the last hundred years to bring a camera to. Black Sabbath’s first U.S. show which happened on October 30th, 1970 (my birthday but 15 years before I was born). Are impulses more important than consequences? It’s better to ask forgiveness than permission. Which talent would you most like to have? Speed reading. What is your plan for the next 24 hours? I’ll walk my 12 year old greyhound Ava 3-4 times, make some number of pictures, work on a recently announced photo collaboration with photographer and friend Ryan Arthurs, and likely end the night with a whiskey or two while watching and doing karaoke at The Northside District in Chapel Hill, NC.

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