Friday Fry Up: Bouwe Brouwer


“Harvest Moon” is about the farmers’ festivals that take place at the end of summer in several small towns in the Dutch province of Friesland. Some of the festivals last for several days and attract ten-thousands of visitor. Locals as well as day trippers from other parts of The Netherlands. This creates an interesting mix of local and “imported” culture.

The festivals are a moment for the villagers to unwind after another year of labor and to share a celebration before autumn sets in. There is also a strong sense of nostalgia: demonstrations of old ways of harvesting and ploughing can be seen side by side with amusement rides from days long gone.

Bouwe Brouwer (1977): primary school teacher at a refugee camp; studied fine arts and was trained as an illustrator; internationally published writer of haiku and short stories; fell in love with photography in 2013. See more of Bouwe Brouwer’a work at — Website / Instagram.