This is the same ocean: Issue 6


The latest volume of Samuel J Davison’s This is the Same Ocean series takes the journal someplace else. Now in its sixth edition, Davison’s risograph photography journal follows familiar patterns, but the endpoint is never the same. The book shifts beneath its coordinates. As the journal’s curator, editor and publisher, Davison has drawn together a collection of work by an international cohort and produced a juncture in contemporary photography.

In this issue, six photographers put up points in a roving map: Lola Paprocka, Shannon May Powell, Heikki Kaski, Tine Bek, Victoria Zschommler and Davison himself present photographs that are both distant and familiar. The images share some hazy association, waving to one another across the book’s spine like acquaintances on the street. Unplaceable fragments and dreamlike images flicker throughout this edition, pulling organic forms into claustrophobic frames and bodies into sacraments. Risograph-printed pages helmed by Dawn Press atomise each image into a vapour, developing the journal’s production methods with endless variations of three and four-colour prints. Back on board after Issue Five, graphic designer Marijn Degenaar gives the book plenty of breathing room, skirting text around each image and marking our entry, midway point and departure from This is the Same Ocean with pink-and-red pauses.

Looking through Issue Six’s pages is like spinning a pinwheel, each image individuated and simultaneously folding into its neighbours. Davison’s journal is a beautiful piece of work.

— Pip Jones.

Pip Jones is a writer and photographer based in Melbourne, Aus. For more information and to pick yourself up a copy of issue 6 visit –