Friday Fry Up: Dylan Pf


A home is a building that houses human life, that stores the things that define its inhabitants, and maps the souls of those who find themselves enclosed between its walls. When one leaves this space it can be read in the home’s ecology. When everyone eaves it transforms the space entirely. The home becomes just a building, and the things left behind become just fragments— shards of a mirror that once reflected a family, but now reflect only memories for those that possess the power to read them. Until no one who understands the language remains and the things become just things once more, and the people they once belonged to, once defined, go to age with the days until they too are completely forgotten. For that which makes us who we are is fading with the sun.  — Dylan Pf.

Goodbye Home, a photographic essay from Dylan Pf which documents the demolition of his grandparent’s home. See more of Dylan’s work at: / Instagram