Friday Fry Up: Kristine Potter’ The Gray Line


The Gray Line is a series of portraits that artist Kristine Potter made at West Point Military Academy, which has trained a large number of high-ranking Army officers and eventual U.S. politicians. Raised in a military family, Potter notes that “a very particular kind of patriarchy and folklore associated with military heroism” pervaded her childhood years. In this series of photographs, made between 2005 and 2010 at the height of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, Potter attempts to disrupt the binary language that conflict seems to publicly heighten. “I’m not interested in voicing opinions of whether war is right or wrong. It exists. My voice has always focused on the human drama. These are people and they get used in the political sphere. But in the end, they’re not symbols, they’re humans with complex feelings and lives, and I find that compelling.” — (Text courtesy of

Kristine Potter’ The Gray line opens January 17th – March 3rd at the Kathleen O. Ellis Gallery in Syracuse, NY, with an opening reception and gallery talk on Thursday Feb the 2nd, 5-7pm. Head to for more information.