Deadbeat Club No DAPL print fundraiser


This weekend Deadbeat Club are using the annual commerce feeding frenzy to support the protesters at Standing Rock in the Dakotas. All proceeds from the prints will be donated to the legal and medical teams on the ground defending the protesters fighting the pipeline. Everything is $100. All prints are 8.5″ X 11″ archival pigment prints, stamped and signed by the artists. Featuring: Devin Briggs, Nolan Hall, Grant Hatfield, Jerry Hsu, Stacy Kranitz, Molly Steele, Deanna Templeton, Ed Templeton, and Clint Woodside. Prints are available now through to the end of Cyber Monday. Link here or head to

The proposed Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) will transport 450,000 barrels per day of highly volatile crude oil from the lands of North Dakota to Patoka, IL. The threats this pipeline poses to the environment, human health, and human rights, especially the indigenous people who inhabit this land cannot be allowed to move forward.

While much of mainstream media is not reporting on this, we have been following social media coverage and direct updates from those who have joined the protests, including Deadbeat Club friend and photographer Molly Steele. She (and many others) recently reported that peaceful protesters were attacked by overzealous authorities using concussion grenades, rubber bullets, tear gas and water cannons in below freezing temperatures, causing hypothermia and scores of injuries. Because of this, we have decided to donate half of our proceeds to Standing Rock Medic & Healer Council to help treat and protect those putting themselves on the line. That same evening many of these same protesters were then arrested or detained, and will soon need help in the way of legal counsel, and so we have decided to donate the other half of the proceeds to the Water Protector Legal Collective a law collective on the ground there, offering free counsel.

We here at Deadbeat Club hope you stand with us and in return, we humbly offer prints of our work as incentive for action. Money talks, friends; and with your help (and on THIS of all “holidays”) we hope to make a big statement in support of the #NoDAPL movement and of the indigenous people of this country.

— Clint Woodside.

For further information or to donate directly to either organization click below. Water Protector Legal Collective (formerly Red Owl)Standing Rock Medic & Healer Council.