Heavy Volume II. Kickstarter


It is happening again —The Heavy Collective are extremely excited to announce Heavy Volume II.

A compendium of contemporary photography focusing on the conversation; Heavy Volume II is in an exploration of image and text on the printed page.

Featuring photographic contribution from — Dana Lixenberg, Susan Lipper, Irina Rozovsky, Stephen Shames, Curran Hatleberg, Daniel Shea, Mark Peckmezian, Deanna Templeton, Yoshinori Mizutani, Joanna Piotrowska, Aglaia Konrad and Katrin Koenning.

Words by — Stanley Wolokou-Walambwa, Wilfred Brandt, Hideko Ono, Claire Monneraye, Daniel Boetker-Smith, Ashley McNelis, Geordie Cargill, Alex Ward, Lola Pinder and Jack Harries.

The Heavy Collective believes firmly in printed matter and the vitally important role it plays in being a vehicle for transmission. We look at publishing from a place of necessity, integral to photographic literacy.

Volume II is a pairing of images and text. A conversation between Photographer and viewer, writer and reader. Starting out of the blocks in 2015 with the release of Volume I, II pushes the dialogue further, putting photographer and writer face to face, landing firmly at the confluence of where images are made and how they are read.

Although Heavy will always have a life online, we feel its high time to move the operation into bricks and mortar publishing for good, to promote tradition and keep craft alive, fly the flag for Australian made imprints.

This is all about making Heavy Volume II look and feel every bit as powerful as the content within, incredible photographs should have an incredible home, help us make Volume II be all it can be and secure Heavy’s future in publishing.

Pre-order Heavy Volume II now from our Kickstarter campaign — Here.