Markus Andersen: Rage Against the Light


Sydney’s Markus Andersen cuts ribbon on the official Australian book release and exhibition of his photo series ‘Rage Against The Light” tomorrow night at Black Eye Gallery. If you’re in town make visiting a top priority.

‘Rage Against The Light’ explores my intoxication with natural light and the darkness / dark corners created from this light. The people of Sydney are the subjects, scurrying like insects through vast chasms and canyons of shadow into blinding explosions of light. Anonymous figures isolated within crowded streets, on beaches or scenes only echoing the human presence.

Within any given environment a visual rupture can occur in a split second transforming the ordinary into the arcane, unusual or unexpected – it is these moments of surprise that create the worlds I document, visual juxtapositions that create tension, mood or emotion. Subjects caught in the dual forces of light and shadow remain at the heart of the work, the interplay of these elements within the architecture or landscape create order from discordance.

“Rage Against The Light” emphasizes the dramatic nature of intense or subdued light and my continued relationship and fascination with the subject.

— Markus Andersen

‘Rage Against The Light’ is open from Aug 9th – 21st and is curated by Markus Andersen and Claire Moneraye of the ACP. For more info see and