New Vuu times two


Brooklyn based paper Mill Vuu Studio announce two new titles this month, both of which are now available for preorder. If you’re in or close to NY you can collect them at the approaching Printed Matter Art Book Fair, or wait patiently by your letterbox for a September delivery. Either way, put your hand up, throw your name in the ring, these are worthy additions to any bookshelf.

The first is Falling by John Francis Peters, a series of photographs focusing on a popular diving spot along San Diego’s Sunset Cliffs. Falling paints a tableau of fleshy figures in huddled mass waiting for flight, they’re bodies frozen against a dark Pacific ocean as they plunge towards it’s surface. Falling is 72 Pages, clothbound hardcover with debossed type and a tipped-in image on the back, measures 10 x 12.5 in edition of 350.

The second is Olive Juice from Molly Matalon & Damien MaloneyPart road trip journal part romantic travel memoir, Olive Juice situates the viewer somewhere between the backseat of a moving car and the edge of a motel bed. Presented as a non-linear narrative of still life, portraits, and landscapes, Olive Juice explores notions of friendship, intimacy, and gender, and ultimately confronts the ambiguities of representation in photography. Olive Juice includes a Conversation piece with photographer and creative director Emily Keegin, is 104 Pages, hardcover, debossed, measures 7.5 x 9.5 and comes in an edition of 500.

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