Friday Fry Up: Alexis Vasilikos


Around a Cemetery is a series of images from my travels to Copenhagen. I’ve visited Copenhagen 2 times, in 2013 and in 2016. From the first travel I noticed something that caught my attention and interest. I was passing though the Assistens Cemetery, which is in the Nørrebro district and there I saw people using the cemetery as a park, they would go to have picnics, meet their beloveds, bring the children to play or just lay on the grass. I saw a powerful metaphor in this practice, a form of integration of death in daily life, so I kept passing through the cemetery during my daily walks, it became the reference point of these travels.

Alexis Vasilikos – Around a Cemetery (Copenhagen). (b. 1977) Alexis is an Athens-based photographer and the co-editor of Phases Magazine . His work explores the presence of the sublime in everyday life and is an intimate contemplation on the nature of emptiness.