Deanna Templeton: What she Said


Deanna Templeton’s latest solo show ‘What She said’ is only hours away from ribbon cutting at LA’s Little Big Man Gallery, don’t let yourself down, be there. Pairing photographs with excerpts from her teenage journal entries from the mid to late 1980’s, Deanna is showing a collection of portraits of women that she has taken over the last 15 years, their tumultuous transition into adulthood and how they are mirrors to her own experiences.

“Young girls today are living in a much different world than I did, but the experience of growing up female is universal no matter what the time. I see my own struggles, disappointments and bravery in these girls. As someone who survived a bumpy transition into adulthood I hope that this look into my teen-aged mindset and dramas along with these modern girls evolving into womanhood will give hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and we will all look back and smile at how intensely life felt at that age,”

— Deanna Templeton.

What She Said runs from June 25 – July 31, Thursday through Saturday
12PM – 6PM. Visit for more info.