Friday Fry Up: Jordan Madge


Red Herring is inspired by the disappearance of a girl in a small country town in Central Victoria, Australia, in 2009. Through the blending and questioning of fact, fiction and representation, the work challenges and tests ways we construct and interpret narrative — Jordan Madge.

Jordan Madge is a 21 year old photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. His work is concerned with journey, and ways of constructing and disseminating narrative in photography. His process includes image appropriation, found objects and his own photographs. In 2016 he was the recipient of the Australian Photobook of the Year Award (Unpublished) and selected as a finalist for the Photobook Melbourne Photo Prize. In 2016 he will be participating in a residency program at Youkobo Art Space in Tokyo, Japan.

See more of Jordan’s work – Website / Instagram