2015 It’s been nice but we are through


We’ve got few bad feelings about 2015, maybe none at all, it was almost so good we’d do it again, but nothing’s gained by sitting your ass in the past so we’ll just keep to keeping on, look towards tomorrow and blowing the lid off 2016. In keeping with that theme we’ll miss the lists of names and places and just issue the warmest thank you to everyone who was in, contributed and supported our move to paper, who came to or was a part of any of our shows and exhibitions, educated, enlightened or excited us, let us sleep on their couches, showed us generosity and fun, or in some small way made 2015 the year it was. You know who you are and we raise a tall cold one for you. We’ve already launched into early work for issue 2, are putting the final touches on our new digital home and will shortly announce  new contributors to the THC team. 2016 is already taking shape and we’re not resting. Looking forward to doing it all again. Cheers, THC. (Human slam dunk by the forever glorious Andre The Giant, captured by the equally commanding Ted Pushinsky).