I.P.F: 2015 Wrap Up


I.P.F: 2015‬ is officially done and delivered, a huge thank you to the IPF folks for having us, anyone and everyone that made it to one of our events, the incredible photographers we worked with and the venues and master cogs that made it all possible. In no particular order, thank you – Daniel Shea, Yeon J Yue, Suzanna Zak, Lindsay D’addato, Timothy Briner, Juan Madrid, ‪Mo costello, Whitten Sabbatini, Eva O’leary, Romke Hoogwaerts, Shena Jamieson – lamington Drive, Ed Woodley – China Heights, Shannon Michael Cane – Printed Matter, Ariel Katz, David Jacob Kramer – Family Books, Tim Page,‬ Matt Rabbidge – Mild Manners, Stacy Kranitz, Nathanael Turner, Teddy Fitzhugh, Alessandro Simonetti, Brodie Lancaster, Penny ModraMax OlijnykBen Clement, Hillvale Photo, Vasili – Anokato Press‬ – See you again next year. Photo by Timothy Briner from the series Boonville, featured in the show Mossless: The United States (2005 – 2015) presented by Romke (Mossless) and The Heavy Collective for IPF.