Mossless: The United States (2005-2015)


THC are now back on home turf and gearing up for a second string of exhibitions as part of this years IPF program. First we continue our team up with Mossless & IPF, with the second presentation of Mossless: The United States (2005-2015) a collection of work by nine photographers who have captured a fragment of life in America. Featuring Daniel Shea, Whitten Sabattini, Lindsay D’Addato, Eva O’Leary, Yeon J Yue, Timothy Briner, Mo Costello, Suzanna Zak and Juan Madrid, this is a showcase of new photographers who have each made a significant mark on the social landscape at a time when it’s essential to capture a compelling moment, in the spirit of iconic photographers like Walker Evans, Dorothea Lange and Stephen Shore, who made work that came to define America’s past.

Romke Hoogwaerts began Mossless in 2009 as a blog on which he profiled emerging photographers. In 2012, Mossless came offline with the release of Issue 1, a photobook that brought its digital presence into stores and galleries around the world. In 2014, Romke and his partner Grace Leigh released Mossless Issue 3, a milestone undertaking featuring work by more than 100 artists. Time magazine listed the publication a top photobook of 2014. Open until Sun 15 Nov.

Mossless: The United States (2005‑2015) Wed 11 Nov, 7-9pm, Lamington Drive. 101A Sackville St, Collingwood 3066. Event details here.