Friday Fry Up: Angela Kelly


This Friday we look at early work from Irish born photographer Angela Kelly. Like much of Angela’s earlier photography, At the Edge of Shelter focuses on the social context of female culture and issues of family and domestic relationships. This series takes us inside Rainbow House, a Chicago shelter for women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

“The work addresses the complexity of putting a picture on both the phenomena of domestic violence combined with homelessness. Conventionally, documentary photography tends toward the singular representation of these social issues, rather than providing a more complex look at the connections between them. My intent was to provide a contemporary image of the issues using color photography to distance the viewer from the conventional trope of bxw humanisticphotography, associated with the ‘find a bum’ school of photography.”

Angela Kelly is a photographer, teacher and lecturer, born in Belfast, N. Ireland. She now lives in New York were she works as an Associate Professor in Photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology, NY.