Friday Fry Up: Ben Alper


This Friday we take a look at Ben Alper’s series Terrain Vague. Not unlike his vernacular work with Adrift (his shit hot new book), Terrain Vague keeps to a familiar visual setting of near obsessive cataloguing and sculptural study. Alper’s work deals with objects in a state of process or transition, their make up is familiar and common place, but his tight framing steals any indication or marker of it’s place within a larger reality – they are characters coming and going against a banal backdrop. The images wrestle with an in-betweenness, the subject waiting to become or dissolve, neither complete or incomplete and without any clear future or history. From an interview with Shane Lavalette, Ben says of his work – “In the end, I’m drawn to this period of precarious transition because it nurtures a particularly temporal experience – one that acknowledges the past and points toward the future, all from a fleeting moment between the two.”

Ben Alper is a photographer/artist based in North Carolina, he is the curator of “The Archival Impulse” a personal collection of vernacular photography, as well as the co-creator of “a new nothing” a platform presenting a series of two-person, image-based conversations.

See more of Ben’s work here – Website / Instagram / Tumblr