Friday Fry Up: Dan Wilton X Josh Jones


This Friday Fry Up looks at CANYON the recent collaboration between UK buds Dan Wilton and Josh Jones out now though Ditto Press. Celebrating the people petrie dish that is Runyon Canyon in the Hollywood Hills, Dan and Josh present with image and words the unlikely mingling of LA’s diverse inhabitants; fitness focused folk, Mulholland millionaires, hustlers and Gangsters, aunt Marge and every other bloke and his dog, Canyon shows us that all people are equal on the mountain.

“Interacting outside of your social circle is rare in LA but this mountainous trail is a social leveller. Up there all those people talk, they laugh, they flirt – they mix.”

The first edition of Canyon sold out quicker than your 100m PB, but you can preorder the second edition now on the Ditto Press online store.