Friday Fry Up: Lyndal Irons


One of Australia’s more obscure and misunderstood pastimes, The Bjelke-Petersen School of Physical Culture is the feature for this two day old Fry Up. We’ve been mountaineering the past few days so the delivery has come a touch late, but it’s our pleasure to give shine to friend Lyndal Irons work Physie which is exhibited in New South Wales State Library for the next few months.

“Today “physie” is the domain of Australian females of all ages and has modernised to include elements of dance. Competition is fierce and performers train intensely in an attempt to reach the pinnacle of perfection. They gather pace in Australia’s towns and suburbs and build toward an annual sell out finale at the Sydney Opera House. Thousands of women do it but Physical Culture remains difficult to define. It is a bit like a military drill. A bit like dance. A bit like gymnastics. A bit like synchronised swimming without water.”

Physie runs at the State Library of NSW, 27 June 2015 to 4 October 2015 and offers a unique glimpse into the intriguing and dramatic world of Physical Culture through a striking series of contemporary and vintage prints from the Library’s collection. For more of Lyndal’s work shoot it her site here.