Mossless: One Eyed Jacks


New York publishing project and all round good guys Mossless Magazine have teamed up with Brighton’s One Eyed Jacks Gallery for their latest exhibition. Drawing from their gargantuan Issue #3 ‘The United States 2003-2013’, founders Romke Hoogwaerts and Grace Leigh curate a selection of photographers from their project on contemporary American photography.

“In 2014, Mossless released its third and largest issue yet, titled ‘The United States 2003-2013’, which is a composition of new American photographs taken over the last ten years. It features the work of over 100 photographers, a selection of which are featured in our latest exhibition”.

Featuring: Andrew Bruah, Emiliano Granado, Curran Hatleberg, William Mebane, Nguan, Missy Prince, Whitten Sabbatini, Lara Shipley, Emily Shur, Stephen Tamiesie, Nathanael, Turner, Nat Ward, Keith Yarling and Suzanna Zak.

The show is already in rhythm and will run through till the end of this month. Visit One Eyed Jacks for more info.

Unlikely new news to many of you, but for the few that missed it, Mossless have also just launched a new video series titled In Situ. Their first episode centers on Jody Rogac and gives you a captain cook at her process and Brooklyn workspace. Get on that here.