Friday Fry Up: Lars Tunbjörk


This Friday Fry Up sees us take a peek at Lars Tunbjörk’s series Office. Sadly, the Swedish photographer passed away last week, not long after we contacted him to ask if he would like to be featured here at The Collective. Bold, colourful, flash smacked photography that illuminated the absurd corners of our modern existence, Tunbjörk’s photographs held a mirror to our strange proclivities, influencing generations of photographers to come. His series Office is a personal favourite of ours, using the seemingly infinite blocked lines of office space as key elements within his frame, Tunbjörks photographs are almost more the work of a Modernist painter than photographer. A masterclass in composition, the photographs in Office offer up strange stifling prisons of our own device, where work carries on forever in rigid colour-swatched purgatory.

Vale Lars Tunbjörk 1956 – 2015