Friday Fry Up: Michele Cera


This Friday’s Fry Up spotlights “Dust” from Italian photographer Michele Cera.  Using the square as a compositional motif, Michele constructs a narrative and portrait of the Albanian people set along the dusty strip of land that seperates Albania and Italy.

“This book presents a series of photographs taken in Albania. Initially driven by an interest for a country geographically very close to his birthplace but culturally and historically very different, the author explored for years the outskirts of Albanian towns, discovering places recalling Italian post war imagery. Playing both with reminiscences of Italian Neorealism and with a certain photographic tradition, these photographs present to the viewer a lyrical gaze on people and their environment, suggesting a connection between Albanian urban landscape fragility and precariousness of human existence”.

Dust – Published by Kehrer Verlag. See more of Michele’s work here.