Friday Fry Up: Janet Delaney


I’m a sucker for holding onto the past; whether it be old buildings, busted pubs, cultural icons, they are nostalgic reminders in bricks and mortar. Where I live they’re making a pretty good go at erasing them from collective memory. For the Nostalgiast mourning the loss of bygone eras, with their mystique and shadows, you pray when something leaves it was worthy of the cultural register. Janet Delaney’s photographs of South of Market are a poignant reminder of how things cannot stay the same. For better or worse, things will ultimately shift, you just hope there is a document of the times before they fade into the ether, pressed by the weight of new development. White flight and its diaspora opened the doors for new communities to fill the abandoned spaces and places around South of Market, an invigorating changing of the guard, and Delaney was there front and centre. The tone of the images; golden, fading, twilight gleaming, speak volumes about time and place, and the cameras ultimate power to make an irrevocable record.

South of Market – Available now through Mack Books.