Heavy Volume One: Sneak Peek



“I’ve always marvelled at those who can shape metal like soft butter or the engine builders who keep pushing the boundaries of performance from specifications that were implemented many decades ago. I love how a bunch of blokes will stand around arguing about authenticity, I call these people train spotters, the custodians of culture. Without them I wouldn’t have a job as a photographer following Australian car culture”. — Train Spotters aka Custodians of Culture, Simon Davidson.

5 Days to go – An excerpt from Simon Davidson’s “ Train Spotters aka The Custodians of Culture” which features in Heavy Vol 1, our forthcoming annual publication now available for pre-order as part of our Kickstarter campaign. Vol 1 includes words and work from Bryan Schutmaat, Zhang Xiao, Stacy Kranitz, Kate Peters, Tim Page, Mark Steinmetz, Sara Cwynar, Lucas Foglia, Simon Davidson and Emmanuel Angelicas. Shoot to our Kickstarter page and pre-order a copy before they run out. Link here.