Heavy Volume One: Sneak Peek


“A few years ago, I was chasing wild horses and my horse got tired. When I stopped to let him blow, I got to looking around and I found the footing of an old shack. Buried underneath where the floor had been was a metal lard bucket. In the bucket, wrapped in newspaper, was a dynamite cap tin with 21 ounces of gold inside. I couldn’t believe it. Why would anybody leave his gold like that? Either the guy died or he went to prison. Who knows? That gold had been there a long time.

I kept it in that dynamite cap tin. I’ll never sell it. Whoever left that gold there probably mined it himself. I’m the second man to ever handle it. Brand-new money. I know that’s something.”

– Olan Clifford Teel

8 Days to go – An excerpt from Lucas Foglia’s Frontcountry series which features in Heavy Vol 1, our forthcoming annual publication now available for pre-order as part of our Kickstarter campaign. Vol 1 includes words and work from Bryan Schutmaat, Zhang Xiao, Stacy Kranitz, Kate Peters, Tim Page, Mark Steinmetz, Sara Cwynar, Lucas Foglia, Simon Davidson and Emmanuel Angelicas. Shoot to our Kickstarter page and pre-order a copy before they run out. Link here.