Heavy Volume One: Sneak Peek


“Back in the sixties we could have never guessed this outcome, in fact few folk ever took time to visit any of the ROK units, they were sidelined though eager and hospitable when you asked to visit and go in the field with them.  For that reason they were a small gold mine for a freelancer, a guarantee of sales to one of the wires, AP or UPI and valuable stock for Asian clients. Any time you went out on an operation there was a guarantee of contact, frighteningly so; but as with their Aussie counterparts, a sense of security that you somehow come out alive – with good photos, stirred and shaken though unscathed. Once you had survived a firefight with them, you had the in to the rest of the activities.  Houses zippoed, interrogation but not the subsequent execution, the civic action, the wounded and the KIA”.

Tim Page
recounts his time in Vietnam with the FWF (Free World Forces) for Heavy Vol 1, our forthcoming annual publication now available for pre-order as part of our Kickstarter campaign. Vol. 1 includes words and work from Bryan Schutmaat, Zhang Xiao, Stacy Kranitz, Kate Peters, Tim Page, Mark Steinmetz, Sara Cwynar, Lucas Foglia, Simon Davidson and Emmanuel Angelicas. Head on over to our Kickstarter page and book yourself a copy before they run out. Link here.