Friday Fry Up: Sebastián Bardo


Now that our Sun(dae)day Submissions segment is growing up into a publication, we’ve decided to fry up another weekly feature to take its place. Kicking off today we’ll spotlight a new series of work each and every Friday, starting with Argentinian photographer Sebastián Bardo.

Following the path of the deluded do-gooder Don Quixote, Sebastián Bardo’ series “Persistent Values” retraces the chivalric adventure in Castilla La Mancha, the central region of Spain. It’s not entirely clear whether Sebastián sees himself playing out the role of Don Quixote, shirt fronting windmills and rescuing damsels in distress, however what is clear is that the series is good. Combining religious iconography with stark at home portraits, Sebastián spins the narrative of the Quixotic fool in the hood of the Capirote. Tradition dies hard.

Still en route, Sebastián expects to complete the map by June next year. For more on Sebastián Bardo visit his website here.