Sun(dae)day Submissions: Ariane de Palacio


This Sunday we feature the work of Ariane de Palacio, from Montreal, Canada. Ariane’s project “Wonderland” set in Hampton Beach, NH, focuses on the cultural identity and masquerade of the touristic landscape. For more from Ariane visit his website here.

“Tourism creates staged territories and landscapes, shaped in order to fulfill the fantasy of a visitor on holiday seeking a radical rupture from his everyday life. Touristic places, particularly when they are established in economically, socially and culturally weakened territories, are constructed on a acculturation process and built as an artificial scenery aiming at organising and regulating a temporary population of tourists for a couple of months during high season. Coming from a very touristic city, I grew up in a territory living on a schizophrenic beat: The tourist summer and the winter, when we found a totally different town. With the Wonderland Project, I try to look at these exclusively touristic places as staged theatre sets, fallacious screens between the tourist and the territory”.

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