Sun(dae)day Submissions: Jerome Freeman


This week we spotlight the work of Baltimore photographer Jerome Freeman. It turns out Jerome is the younger cousin of one of our earlier features Jesse Freeman, peruse that link too for some Freeman double trouble. To see more of Jerome’s work head to his blogroll here.

“Film photography is and will continue to be my primary form of expression. I am thrilled by the unique characteristics of the different film formats, and the moment of discovery as each roll is developed.

My photos stem from my curiosity of how different people live and their changing conditions. I believe knowing or getting to know your subject on a personal level results in photos that create an emotional response. With the time set for my work, I’m with my subject experiencing and observing the events and details that define their life.

Photography allows me to make personal connections with the different people and cultures that surround me. My process of documentation allows me to understand individuals on a level I couldn’t without a camera. A warming response through photos of lives that bring insight to a reality one doesn’t live is what I wish to achieve.”

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