Q&A: Melchior Tersen


Make a prediction for the future. The paris saint germain will win the champions league! I expected that since I was a child. Your favorite artist? I would say David Hockney. Are you aware of the conspiracies? I do not think much of the word conspiracy, but more to the media, the world of art is a true mafia enough deguelasse in passing sentence for behind high social, elitism and culture hides millions of dollars shared between a small number of elected people. What interests you about photography? Being able to highlight anything, that everything can be beautiful or interesting if you do it well. What’s the worst thing about city life? The lack of nature and wild animals, but I walk a lot in the woods to see recently in wood Vincenne I saw a fox. What part of the world you would like to explore? I will be content to see regions of France that I do not know yet, I have no idea from one country in particular that I want to explore.

Are Pets Actually Prisoners? In fact prisoners are pets? In some ways yes, but some can not live in freedom for long, so I released my rabbits, my canaries or my chinchilla in the wild, they would not long lights. What do you think is the most plausible of the supernatural? I love x-files, but I do not believe in the supernatural, by cons I feel more energy due to the natural elements such as trees, the wind ….  If you were to align yourself with a leader in history, who would it be? Vercingetorix !! he united the Gauls against the invasion of the great emperor Caesar! this is the first French leader. Choose a field of science to be an expert in. I prefer technical, plumbing, mechanical or electrical. What is the last crime you witnessed? I am fortunate to not have an answer. What is the next book you want to read? I just finished a book by Peter Sotos and the next I would read was the autobiography of Mike Tyson. Summer or winter? I love living in the summer, but I feel better in winter, this is my gothic side. Ultimate camera? My Fuji GA 645, automatic, built-in flash, really cool for portraits. Most used camera? Olympus mju a 2. Which item do you want? The new PSG jersey and a poster of Geri Halliwell topless that I found on Amazon, but they can not send him to France.

Which item do you need? Great Epson scanner worth 3000 euros. Describe a cheap thrill. Beer at the grocers. Who would you most like to see embarrass themselves? I wish well to everyone. Is there something wrong with the kids today, and if so, what? I grew up with the comic strip, children’s books, films for children, manga, I do not know if children now do not grow too fast and zap their infancy, it’s a shame because my fondest memories comes from the time the dragon ball z, ninja turtle, Scrooge magazine ….. Pick An Historic Moment From The Last Hundred Years To Bring A Camera To. Very good question. I’m not a war reporter then I’ll tell you something more pop, and I would say woodstock is the kind of pictures that I can do. Which Talent Would You Most Like To Have? May eat all things. I’m very picky and I eat a lot. What will baffle future generations about our day and age? No idea … the future scares me. What is your plan for the next 24 hours? I’m going to walk to Versailles with a friend and surely eat at Mcdonalds and we’ll smoke up and in the evening we go to watch the game from the psg.

Melchior Tersen – From the series Hellfest.