Bob Mazzer: Underground


By now most of you are likely familiar with the work of Bob Mazzer and his forty year documentation of the London underground. Spitalfields Life have plans to turn Bob’s work into a two hundred page hardback book and in a move appropriate to the age of the imagery are asking for donation in the form of a cheque.

Spitalfields @thegentleauthor had this to say;

“I am inviting any of my readers who are willing to invest the sum of no more and no less than one thousand pounds each to cover production costs. We will ask you to bring your cheque along to a celebratory dinner for Bob later this month and we will put your name in the book. In June, prior to publication, I will present you with a copy inscribed by Bob and, six months later, we will commence repayment of your investment – unless you choose to offer it as a donation towards the publication of further titles by Spitalfields Life Books”.

If you have the squids laying about and are interested in being an investor, you can drop them a line at for further details. Look at it this way, when you get your money back you’ve had a free dinner.