Photo Boite 30 Under 30: 2014


The good folks of Photo Boîte recently made contact to let us know about their 2014 roll call for 30 Under 30; an online exhibition featuring photographs from young and innovative female photographers from around the world.

In its fifth year running, 30 UNDER 30 celebrates the work and vision of a huge cross-section of contemporary photographic talent. The year long online exhibition is showing a veritable wealth of photographs from each participant, more than you could ever hope to squeeze on a gallery wall.

Being an online exhibition, don’t sweat the close date, 30 Under 30 is open 24 hours a day, at your leisure, at your pleasure. A more feminine vision: 30 UNDER 30 exhibits the work of women photographers from around the world offering their visions based on their experience, along with their tact and composure, innocence and sensuality, at times fierce and provocative.

A more innocent vision: Driven by expression, this new generation draws its inspiration and conveys it through its works with purity, free of disillusionment, through portraiture, photojournalism, landscapes, art and architecture, fashion and even war photography in a milieu traditionally practiced by their counterparts.

30 UNDER 30 aspires beyond the current vision of photography of established standards. Its approach, more innovative, altruistic, younger and more feminine can be seen across disciplines and from around the world.

This years exhibition features the work of: Pauline Araujo, Katarina Balgavy, Ashley Beyer, Sabrina Caramanico, Agnès Clotis, Pauline Darley, Utami Dewi Godjali, Maria Gruzdeva, Anka Gujabidze, Tatiana Gulenkina Allison Janae Hamilton, Dawn Heumann, Sandy Honig, Monique Jaques, Barbara Kosakowska, Lisa Lesourd, Niha Masih, Elizabeth Moran, Erin Mulvehill, Amanda Mustard, Dina Oganova, Noell Oszvald, Alejandra Cárdenas Palacios, Page Hall Perrault, Mafalda Rakoš, Tina Remiz, Judit Ruprech, Dana Stirling, Daro Sulakauri and Teri Varhol.

Photo Boite 30 UNDER 30: 2014 is now live and kicking and can be viewed here.