Q&A: Markus Burke


Which is the sexiest nationality? For sure not German. What nationality are you? German. What song makes you remember where you grew up? Any kind of Christmas song. Are impulses more important than consequences? Yes. What do you do in a full elevator? I breathe. Choose a song to play over a montage of everything you did today. The Mercury Remix of Breakfast by Lele. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlNzGC49-jg
 When you were a kid what was your favorite movie? The first Ghostbusters movie. Would you rather hire a barefoot hippie or full-blown hillbilly as your personal assistant? A full-blown hillbilly. Name a design flaw in the human body. Bald heads. Come up with a fake Japanese name for yourself. Fuji-San. 
Pick a celebrity to lead your nation. Jack Nicholson.
 When it comes to the ladies/fellas, what is your type? Ladies. Has alcohol made you a better person? Yes. Using only one word, pitch an idea for a movie. Naked. What would make the human race more intelligent? LSD.
 Describe the best unhealthy meal you’ve seen. Bavarian “Schweinebraten” – roast pig. Describe a personal hell. The p1 disco in Munich. If you had to give your child a ridiculous name, what would you pick? Paris.

Whiskey or wine? Wine. Either or Neither? Either.
 Using three words, describe art. Don´t believe in. Using three words, compose your last words. No more light. Invent a flavor. Chi-Berry Do you find it fun to quit jobs? No. Do you speak as well as you think? Unfortunately, no. Do you consciously suppress your ego in public? Meanwhile I do. What happens when you enter hell? It gets hotter. Would you still take photos if you could only take them in nightclubs? Yes. Which historical figure do you most identify with Barbarossa. What do you consider the most overrated virtue? Modesty. What do you dislike most about your appearance? My chewed fingernails. What is the quality you most like in a man? Egocentrism. What is the quality you most like in a woman? Empathy. Who are your heros in real life? Sid Vicious. Ultimate camera? Yashica. You will never love again, what now? Drugs Describe your generation. A casting show. Your phone hasn’t rung in days. Good or bad? Bad. Who is your favourite gay icon? King Luis II of Bavaria. [side note: the architect of the original Disney Castle]. If you had to wear the tee shirt of a band or musician all the time, what would it be? Public enemy What vice would you like to have that you don’t already? Weed for breakfast. What is your most over-worn item of clothing? My Chelsea boots. What do you think people dislike most about you? I talk too much nonsense. Who would you never work for, no matter how much they offered to pay The weapon industry, or any right wing political party. Describe a cheap thrill. Pissing on an electrical wire How would you dress if you were suddenly an elderly man? Like Robert de Niro in Casino. Make a prediction for the future. Christmas will be 7 days before New Years Eve. What characteristic is most common in your enemies? They’re ugly. Would you rather fight an elderly person or a stray cat in hand-to-hand combat? An elderly person. Which age-old proverb do you most disagree with? (e.g. a picture is worth a thousand words) Late but great. Pick an historic moment from the last hundred years to bring a camera to. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo 1914.

In a movie about your life which actor would play you? Woody Allen. If your face was on the front of a restaurant what would be served inside? Burgers. What is your stripper name? Don Dong Name a quality about the opposite sex that you find unattractive. Body hair. How would you explain the Internet to someone from the 1950’s? You can talk to your TV. What is it that interests you about photography Voyeurism. What makes bad art bad? If it wants to be good. What should be the next animal to be domesticated? Lions.
 Name someone you would like to destroy. Heidi Klum. If your photographs could talk, what would most of them say? “yeah!” What would you wear on formal occasions if you didn’t have a suit/dress? Blue jeans and white T-shirt. Make a prediction for a world without alcohol. Less sex. On a scale of one to ten, what kind of pain do you think would be ten? Cutting out my eyes. Are you the best photographer you know, and if not, who is? Unfortunately not. But I don’t think there is a “best one”, photography can be either interesting or boring, but never good or bad. Name an artist that is overrated. Andreas Gursky. What is the worst mode of transportation? On a ferry for over 20 hours. What’s the best place to sleep? In a tent while it’s raining. Last time you sat down? 10 minutes ago. Last thing you got mad about? Christmas with my parents.
 Favorite magazine to read? ZEIT magazine / SZ magazine. Favorite magazine to work for? ID. Least favorite necessity? Paying my taxes. Last trip you ever want to make? A cruise ship to anywhere. How do you take your coffee? Sweet and brown.

Markus Burke – From the series USA.