Welcome to Flint


Since 2012 New York photographers Juan Madrid & Brett Carlsen Have been documenting and exploring the city and lives of Flint, Michigan, one of Americas most violent cities.

The project is looking to find a home in the form of a publication and is currently up on Kickstarter turning into paper. To help them get over the line click here and dig deep in exchange for a variety of exclusive goodies and printed accolades.

While this may be true statistically, there is a deeper story running through the city. Economic struggles, mass poverty, and a high level of violence do exist in Flint. But behind these issues are real people.

We (Brett Carlsen and Juan Madrid) started this project in the summer of 2012 while Brett was an intern at The Flint Journal. He fell in love with the city and got in contact with Juan about collaborating on a project about Flint. Juan took the chance to explore a place other than upstate New York and the city also captivated him.

Through extended stays and explorations of Flint, we have been let into the lives of many different people who make the city what it is. Our interactions have given us each our own unique understanding of Flint and its history.

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